Do you want to:
...lose weight and look knock-out in that little black dress?
...go find a job you love?
...get fit and run a marathon?
...ditch the cigarettes?
...get out of debt?

Join the fun, free, international event:
30 Days 2 Change 1 Thing

Here's the deal:

You pick your one thing.

You get 30 days of top-notch support to get you there.


 Daily, no-nonsense videos - each under 2 minutes, so you actually have time to watch them. They'll give you tonnes of inspiration and motivation as well as practical tips to make that change happen.

 A facebook forum to tell the world what you're doing, share your ups and downs, shout loud about your successes and get that extra helping hand when you need it.

If you've got 1 thing that you want to change and want the most fun, supportive, success-inducing way to do it, here's what you need to do:

1 - Like the facebook page:

2 - Sign up for the 30 days worth of free support below:

What's stopping you? Come and join the party!
Sign up today and commit to changing your 1 thing.

Get ready to
Change 1 Thing and Change Your World!

Alison is the founder of Path Less Trodden, an organisation dedicated to transforming lives.

Alison has spent over 15 years learning how to make real, satisfying and lasting change to a life. She’s made multiple successful transformations herself. She found freedom from weight issues, losing over 140 pounds (10 stone). She transformed debilitating health issues into a vibrant, youthful body. A high-flying, traditional career path conflicted with her values and she broke free to ultimately craft a fulfilling vocation as a life coach. Her journey has involved travelling widely, including living La Dolce Vita in Italy.

If you have any questions about 30 Days 2 Change 1 Thing you can email Alison on .